Starship Farragut is a Classic Star Trek Webseries based on the Starship Farragut and her crew. The series follows Captain John Carter and the crew of the Farragut in classic trek adventures! Check out our live-action, animated episodes and vignettes below.
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"The Captaincy"
Shortly after Captain Carter arrives on board his new command, he is called off to planet Diotama III to investigate the disappearance of a Federation Commodore, and a possible secret Klingon weapons facility. Carter must resolve this crisis, save the Commodore and destroy the Klingon weapon while learning what it means to be the captain of a starship.
"For Want Of A Nail"
The Starship Farragut has been dispatched on a diplomatic mission to Solon Prime to make first contact with a race of ancient scholars. What could possibly go wrong? Shortly after entering the transporter room and beaming down, the landing party finds itself not in the Solonai Council chambers, but in America's past.
"The Price Of Anything"
Captain Carter has a chance meeting with his ailing, estranged father. After crash landing a shuttlecraft on a mission to save a rare plant, they discover a rogue Romulan and a failed experiment involving a Romulan super soldier they must fight to stay alive!
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"Power Source"
The Farragut is dispatched to search for the USS Azrael (NCC-517) under the command of Captain Glenn, only to find that they may be the ones being searched for.
"The Needs of the Many"
The Farragut takes on a special visitor as they return to Cestus III, the site where Kirk and the Gorn fought on stardate 3045.6. As fate would have it, Carter and crew encounter the same rogue Gorn, looking for revenge against the Federation. Time will NOT be on Farragut's side for this episode.
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"Just Passing Through"
The Starship Farragut's Chief Engineer, Michelle Smithfield, recalls the first time she met Commander Tacket on Starbase 12.
"A Rock And A Hard Place"
Captain Carter, despite objections from Chief Engineer Smithfield, decides to go on a planetary survey mission with an old flame. Are they the only ones interested in the rocks?
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